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Blessed be and Welcome to Caffeine Conjurings! I know it’s a little bit of an odd combination, but this blog is going to contain coffee related and posts on witchcraft. I’ve been a practicing witch since I was roughly 10, so at the time of writing I’ve been a Witch for 19 years (20 in a couple months).

With the nature of the craft being learning pretty much constantly, Ill be sharing things I’ve picked up over the years and anything new that I learn about or integrate into my own practice. We’re all learning, so I would love to take this opportunity to invite you to follow my Twitter, Facebook or Instagram over to the right hand side so we can connect and compare notes to help each other learn and progress.

Thank you so much, and so sincerely for coming and I hope you enjoy exploring the blog as I amass content.



Posts on my brand of witchcraft, and how I use it. There’s going to eventually be quite a lot enveloped by this section, including paranormal, grimoire/book of shadows and correspondences… to name a few.


Posts regarding my love of coffee, different bean locales and indie coffeeshops. Including some more mainstream ones, when they come out with new offerings. I’m also going to be making coffees at home and trying new things.

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