Coven Crafts: Baking for Litha!

Blessed be and welcome to another post… on time! For once, this isn’t the only thing that’s on time for my practice. I usually lag behind on the Sabbats or prepare at the very last minute. I happen to be a very lazy witch sometimes. They sneak up on us, and it’s a little scary how fast the wheel of the year turns. But, turn it does and so it was Litha.

Honestly, we may have actually celebrated on a wrong day for the literal Solstice. We chose to carry out our Litha celebration on Sunday, rather than Saturday. My Coven Mate wasn’t feeling too well on Saturday so we thought it was fitting to celebrate the Sun on Sunday. I have 0 regrets here.

Food and drink for the occasion, include but are not strictly limited to;

mead, ale, summer fruits and vegetables, strawberries, honey cakes, whipped cream, oranges, lemons, summer squash, honey

Correspondences taken from Flying the Hedge

I was immediately intrigued by honey cakes. I had never heard of that but it sounded delicious. So I set to choosing our recipe.

I had found this recipe for some honey cakes that we could make for Litha. I don’t have that particular silicon mold, but I thought we could still make some cute and festive cakes with what we have on hand. We did end up tweaking the recipe a little, because we wanted them to be more like a sweet treat rather than pancakes. We added about a cap full of maple extract and an extra half-cup of sugar. The end result was dipped in honey once baked, but honestly they didn’t need that. The sweetness is very understated but pleasing. It’s an overall satisfying treat, and great for offerings, or just snacking in the night or the morning. Thanks goes to Moody Moons, for the recipe and the idea!


I was thinking that we needed something super sweet that we could put some solar energy into and color correspondence… So, we also made some Honey Lemon Cookies, based on this recipe that we found on Live Well Bake Often. I say based on, because we messed up a bit on making the cookies and somehow ended up with scones? I don’t know how we messed up that bad. But we managed, and it still tasted fine. The cookies didn’t come out as lemony as I would have wanted. But they’re really not bad, especially with adding some Honey Sugar glaze on top. If you can’t tell, I really like sweet things. The initial plan was to make a bright yellow glaze for the tops, but we didn’t have confectioners sugar for that.

For this last festive touch, we made Cinnamon Tea. It was something I found on Pinterest…. I think. I thought it sounded like a great idea, since I love cinnamon and I really like tea. This is a harder thing to find a specific site on because of the saturation of sites promoting “Red Hot Cinnamon Tea” or the like, such as Gwen’s Nest. To be perfectly fair, though, her tea does sound amazing.


For our Cinnamon Tea, however, we went a different route, and kept it in tune with lazy witchery.

Cinnamon Red Hots Tea


  • 1 full bag of Red Hots (cinnamon candies) (like you get from convenience stores)
  • 4 Tea Bags (if you want to make a gallon, 2 tea bags if you want to 2 quarts)
  • A Teapot with a well
  • Water (sorry! I didn’t measure!)
  • About 2 cups of Granulated Sugar (or more, to taste)

How do?

  1. Pour the bag of candies into the well
  2. Put the teabags on top of them (we used black tea)
  3. Pour boiling water into the teapot; you want the water hot to try to melt the candies
  4. Allow to steep for taste- I think we steeped it for 20 minutes?
  5. Add sugar to your pitcher
  6. Pour the tea in , add your water, and Stir
  7. Enjoy

When I tell you guys that this tea was good, I mean it was Good. We weren’t expecting it to come across as refreshing as it did. In fact, we were a little worried. The tea became a shocking shade of red immediately that had us kind of worried about the resulting burn that we were expecting. Once we let it steep that tea was more tea-colored and frankly, absolutely delicious. I currently have 2 cups chilling in the fridge that is the only remaining tea from the event yesterday. Once everyone left, I gorged myself on tea. I feel like this is going to be my summer drink, even after Litha!

For the first time actually celebrating Litha with someone else, I really enjoyed myself. We had a lot of fun baking and learning through trial and error, what we wanted the treats to be. I can’t wait until the next Sabbat and if we’re honest I really can’t wait for the Fall Sabbats. Mabon and Samhain are going to be Phenomenal!

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